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Started on July 4, 2020Duration 4 weeksCost $100


The Violet flame (also called as the Violet Fire) is a unique high frequency spiritual energy that resides in your higher self, and that can help you in all areas of your life. When we invoke it, transmutation goes on at all the levels of our being, i.e. it transmutes the karma and traumas of our present and past lives recorded in our Physical, Astral (Emotional), Mental, and Etheric bodies. It truly is a miracle flame. When we recite Violet Flame decree with devotion, this flame permeates every cell and atom of our body, mind, emotions and even our sub-conscious memory. It steps up the vibration of the electrons so we resonate more with the pure cosmic energy that comes from our God Presence. As we invoke the Violet Flame daily, it cleanses and purifies our aura and our other major chakras.

The Workshop includes :

  • Introduction to Violet Flame
  • Introduction of all the Masters
  • What does Violet Flame do
  • How does the Violet Flame work
  • Steps for putting the Violet Flame into action
  • Using the Violet Flame to heal the records of past lives
  • Healing others using Violet Flame
  • Violet Flame Clearing Meditation



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