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Started on July 18, 2024


Tarot is a wheel of life that connects to our collective consciousness, which reflects our conscious, subconscious and unconscious levels. The tarot pack consists of 79 cards of which 22 are the major arcana, 56 are the minor arcana and 1 Master Card.

Arcana means mysteries so the major arcana are the greater mysteries of life, these are the major lessons which we have no control over. They act as guides to inner development, they depict universal forces within us that are tempting to express to, or through us. Our higher self may be bringing them to our attention as we progress in our spiritual journey towards wholeness.

tarot Card, tarot Card in delhiThe minor arcana cards are the lesser mysteries. They tell us more about our day to day events.

The mystic of tarot cards combine astrology, numerology, symbology and the occult to gain insight in the past, present and future.

Different Decks we teach are :

Osho Zen, Alister Crowley, Egyptian Cards, Oracle Cards and so on.

Osho Zen Workshop includes:

Introduction to Tarot cards

  • Connection of Tarot with Conscious, Sub-Conscious and Unconscious Mind
  • Meditations
  • Major and Minor Arcana
  • Explanation of all Cards
  • Color symbology and Elemental study
  • Different kinds of spreads / layouts
  • Channeling, Healing with cards
  • Counseling and Guidance

Tarot CardsThoth Deck Workshop includes:

  • Introduction to the cards
  • Major and Minor Arcana
  • Zodiac signs and their Astrological meanings
  • 7 planets and their explanation
  • Detailed Description of Cards
  • Predictions, Counseling & Guidance.
  • Tree of Life
  • Meditation, Channeling & Healing.



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