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Started on June 20, 2024


Kelvin Khemery is the one who channelled the Melchizedek Symbols from Lord Metatron and Melchizedek. Currently he lives in Singapore and he is now conducting lessons at the Centre of Remembrance . This mission was given to him when he receives all the symbols. This sets a new direction and identity for him to help his fellow brothers and sisters in the path of ascension. The main concept of the Melchizedek Symbols is to allow the users to create a flexible, yet enriching and personalized way to ascend. It is easy to understand and also enjoyable experiences waiting to be discovered. The system follows the idea of a strong and flexibility way of creating your own ascension process. The new trend in this New Age is to be Flexible. As mundane life is catching on us, people are also giving away their time to the flows of events. So to allow ascension to take place in a stressful environment the Melchizedek Symbols is to cater for that.

The Melchizedek symbols also aim to help each and every individual to attain a better character integration. As the Aquarian age now requires each individual to integrate and master the full consciousness of the Ascended Masters. Therefore there is a need to work on this aspect. Thus the Melchizedek Symbols will equip the students with the necessary characters of Owning Personal Power, Unconditional Love, Service and Leadership!

The Melchizedek Symbols – symbols of life are actually symbols created within our human construct. So the body becomes faster in self-healing after the attunement to the symbols. So the symbols will heal the body without the need to bring in energy from external sources which may sometimes be too taxing for the physical body. The process is subtle yet powerful. Our body cells will also start to improve after the process of receiving the symbols. There is no limit to the things the symbols can do.


Courses Available

1. Melchizedek Symbols Level 1

2. Melchizedek Symbols Level 2

3. Melchizedek Symbols Level 3

4. Melchizedek Symbols Level 4

5. Melchizedek Symbols Level 5

6. Melchizedek Symbols Master Teacher Level