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Started on June 20, 2024


Melchizedek is a highly advance technique working with our Christ consciousness. It works at the cellular level and thus can be instrumental in changing our life design completely depending upon our level of understanding and practice. People have actually changed their life scripts as a result of karmic healing done by Melchizedek.

It helps in self – discovery, self – empowerment and the releases of old belief systems and programs that contain in a limited space. Its practice promotes unconditional love and compassion within us and raising our level to the divine.

MM is taught in Six Levels :

MM Level 1 & 2 combined

  • Explanation of Hologram of Love
  • Understanding 13:20:33 frequency
  • Holistic Healing RunesUnity Consciousness Mudra
  • Activating your Chakras with Natural Time Encoding
  • Merkaba Technique
  • Meditations
  • Learning Orbital Merkaba of Love
  • Opening Mysteries of Egypt
  • Orbital Hologram of Healing

MM Level 3

  • The 33rd Degree Adam Kadmon Chakra and Light Body
  • Learning K.L. Formulas for the 33 Bodies
  • Sri Yantra Spherical Flow
  • Creating Ankh
  • Meeting with Kamadon Grand Master and 144,000 Elders
  • Unity Abundance Meditation
  • 3 Initiations

MM Level 4

  • The Super Powerball of Love
  • Thought Mind Clearing
  • Hunab K’u and the 33 Light Bodies
  • The Omni-Merkabah Activation Meditation
  • The Shiva Rings of Fire
  • Pineal Gland Expansion

MM Level 5.1

  • Metatronic Waveform Antenna
  • Orionis 5th Dimensional Sun Meditation
  • Abundance Meditation
  • The Structured Water Meditation
  • 33 Strand DNA Meditation
  • Daily Routine

MM Level 5.2 & 5.3

  • Cosmic Spectrum Kamadon Light Chamber
  • Galactic Time Waveform Pattern
  • 888 Cosmic Christ Consciousness
  • Photon Spectrum Molecule
  • Lotus Sutra Activation
  • Buddhism and Buddhist Symbology
  • Avatar Soul Activation
  • Eternal Life Activation
  • Divine Logos Activation
  • Water matrix
  • Body Talk and Internal Body Message
  • Co-creation