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Started on February 26, 2024


MTHS stands for Merlin Trinity Healing System. It is a system of healing that uses the power of love and light to heal the body on a physical, emotional and mental level. The whole system consists of three levels and was channeled (accessed from a higher reality) into existence by Anup Karlsson.

The Merlin Trinity Healing System is very easy to learn and use and could be described as one of the most transformational healing modalities on the planet today. It is available for all to learn and use, no previous knowledge in art of healing is required.

Reasons why you should attend a MTHS workshop :

  • It’s simple to learn and to use!
  • Your stress levels will reduce after attending it!
  • You will learn how to physically heal yourself and others on all levels!
  • You will gain more awareness of yourself and of your life!
  • You will have more energy and zest for life!
  • You will start the process of truly loving yourself!
  • Your true talents and abilities will begin to manifest!
  • It only takes one day and lasts a lifetime!

MTHS is taught in Three Levels:

MTHS Initiate Level
  • Introduction and History of MTHS
  • Introduction and Use of Three MTHS Symbols
  • MTHS Diamond
  • Chakra Balancing with MTHS
  • Full body healing of self and others
  • Distance healing with MTHS
MTHS Trinity Level
  • Exercises and Aura Cleanse
  • Merlin’s Cave Meditation
  • The Trinity Symbol
  • Advance Healing Technique
  • Meditation for Attunement Process
  • Attunement
MTHS Master Level
  • Awakening Prayer
  • Trinity Energy Healing
  • Heart Chakra Toning
  • Master Universal Symbol
  • Master Energy Healing
  • Spinning the Master Universal



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