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Started on September 27, 2021


Numerology is primarily a self-help tool. It is a way to gain greater insight and understanding into your inner being and true nature. It reveals aspects of your character and personality in a way that is fresh and refreshing.

Self knowledge is the key to success and freedom. Having a greater insight into your strengths and weakness will help you in every aspect of life.

Numerology also offers insights into various cycles, opportunities, challenges that you have already faced, or have yet to experience.

Magnified, Magnified healing, Angel Therapy, Aroma Therapy, tarot Card, Ayurveda, Astrology, Numerology, Holistic Healing RunesThe exact moment of an individual’s birth gets affected by the Universe’s peculiar ‘vibration’. It affects his character and destiny in life.

Therefore, the history of a person’s life is written in his name and his date of birth. We can study a person’s character, his hobbies, his interests in life, vocation, and complete destiny from birth to death.

And this is what the study of “Numerology” all about.

The Workshop includes :

  • Introduction and History
  • Meaning of numbers
  • Compound and Karmic numbers
  • The Major and Minor numbers
  • Synchronization between numbers
  • Character Analysis
  • Knowing Past, Present and Future
  • Scale of Relationship, Business
  • Partnership
  • Lucky Numbers, Colors, planet Stones etc.

Three types Numerology Course

Vedic Numerology

  • About Numerology
  • Types of Numerology
  • Nature of Numbers and Planets related to number (1-9)
  • Male and Female numbers and their impact in life
  • Impact of multiple numbers and missing numbers
  • Videc grid
  • Basic number and destiny number
  • Predicition of different Yogas
  • Raj yoga
  • Yoga for Easy money
  • yoga for Attraction and inner beauty
  • Yoga for Love affairs
  • Yoga for Dont want to marry
  • Yoga for Morality
  • Yoga for frustration
  • Yoga for luxury
  • Yoga for 6 th sence
  • Yoga for Accidents
  • Yoga For Hospitalization
  • Yoga for dispute
  • yoga for disrespect
  • Yoga for sharp mind
  • Yoga for slow learner
  • Yoga for spritiualism
  • Yoga for Mood swings and depression
  • Yoga for travel and visa
  • Yoga for outbust of anger
  • Yoga for sudden expences etc
  • Mahadasha , Antar dasha and Prayantar dash of numbers
  • Business and Partnership compatability
  • Relationship and Marraige compatability
  • Probability of Marraige
  • Anti dote in marraige
  • Purchase and dispute in property
  • Corporate Future
  • Mahurut For bussiness, Job , property ,Marraige etc
  • Name correction
  • Remedies

Chaldean numerolgy

  • Mumbers and their Planets
  • Characteristics of the Numbers
  • Compatibility of the Numbers
  • Driven and Condutor Numbers
  • Kua no and I.V. Number and thier Importance
  • Challenge Number
  • Pinnacle Number
  • Ultimate Number
  • Numeroscope and its 8 Yogas
  • 81 Combinations
  • Concept of Day Number
  • Medical Numerology
  • Impact of Missing Number
  • Impact of Repeated Numbers
  • Profession According to Numerology
  • Name Spelling
  • Personal Year, Month and Day
  • Karmic Debt Numbers and Master Numbers
  • Remedies

Pythagoras Numerology

  • About Numerology
  • Types of Numerology
  • Meanings of Numbers
  • Compound and karmic numbers
  • Destiny numbers
  • Talent numbers
  • Heart numbers
  • Ultimate numbers
  • Personality numbers
  • challenge numbers
  • Pinnacles numbers
  • Birth force period
  • synchronisation of numbers
  • Event numbers
  • Personal year and month
  • Marraige and bussinesss compatability
  • Lucky numbers and colours
  • Name correction etc



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