Healing is a multi dimensional world. A healthy person is the owner of the healthy body, a sound emotional state and a peaceful mind. Whenever, a person deviates from this state, the physical body manifests it as a disease.

In traditional medicines (like allopath, etc.), the medicine is given based on the symptoms. No one bothers about the root cause. As a result, the person is not completely healed, only the symptoms subside.

With the help of alternative healing along with the traditional medicines, we can eliminate the root cause of the disease bringing the person back to the state of health.

At Atma Jagriti Center, various alternative healing methods are taught and practiced. Since 1997, it has been constantly helping people to restore back to a healthy state.

Organising Workshops on Yoga ,Reflexology And Role of Dietics in Healing Starting From 27 th aug 2012 Onwards For Details Call 9810816923,9711953579
Join us for Magnified third light Phase and Master Teachership of Magnified Healing in month of march 2016 by William sir from Singapore
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